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The New Haiti Project

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I commented today on Dipnote to this post by Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, Maria Otero.   (They have not approved it yet.   I guess because  D.C. is paralyzed by snow?)  I told her that I hoped the Haitian tent cities will soon have schools up and running for all children.  This is a tall order.  Among the tally of dead, now at 230,000, were many teachers.  Too many.  Haiti needs teachers.

I just joined this project. You can too. Membership is subject to approval, but look around on their site. There may be something you have the skills and ability to contribute! The possibilities are wide open.

The New Haiti Project

Even if you are not a teacher, there is probably something you can offer.  Rebuilding Haiti is a lengthy,  hard task, but if we all pitch in, we can help our neighbors (whom I dearly love),  build a new, safer, better place in which to live and where children can grow,  learn,  and aspire – because even if you are missing some limbs, there are contributions you can make.  We need to give these little survivors hope and a future.    Join me there!  Believe me, the Haitian people are well worth the effort!


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